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Now days it is hard to find quality and compassion in this world, followed by a five star rating in every area. But, that is what you will find in the following recommendation of Rich Simmons, Fairway Real Estate, Yelm, Washington.

Rich's presents him self with always a positive and professional manner. Our first meeting was so impressive that we were recommending him the very next day.

How lucky were we to find a realtor with very extensive knowledge of the Yelm area. Because of his experience and "on the ball" attitude, we were able to find our "dream home" after only showing us three house. He made us fill secure and not rushed. Our time with him became a down to earth learning experience!

He always had time for all our questions, was prompt at every meeting and most of all presented both sides letting us make the final decision.

With out a doubt Rich Simmons is a five star humble man and Real Estate-- We recommend him highly and consider ourselves blessed to be in his company!

Rich went above and beyond his duties by making sure he always protected us through every step of the process. He did not treat us like a paycheck and saved us thousands of dollars and heart ache. He would advise us to have houses inspected thoroughly to ensure they were in good condition. We ended up buying a home through a short sale. Rich made sure to warn us about the potential complications and length of time it could take to close such a sale. Throughout the process, he kept us as updated as possible. Right at the end of the sale he demanded the other party show us a septic tank inspection report even though they claimed that he septic was fine. This may have put a slight delay in the process, but it turned out that the septic needed to be fixed. Had he not protected us, we would have had a leaking septic and a bill to fix it. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends!

After losing our home in a foreclosure, my husband I needed a place to rent that would accommodate both us and our pets. We found a rental we liked, and Rich happened to be the listing agent and property manager. When we called to ask about the house, Rich set up a time for us to view it that day. He met us at the house, took his time letting us explore the home and yard, and answered our questions honestly. We explained our situation, and he helped negotiate our security and pet deposit so we could afford to move into the home. We've been in the house 3 months now, and we love it! Rich is always available when we call and he responds quickly to requests for assistance. Rich is honest, reliable, and has a great sense of humor! I enjoy working with him and highly recommend him.


Rick is currently managing a rental of ours in Yelm. We live out of the country and were blessed to find Rick to care for our property. We get monthly activity statements, he does the rest. He has done a great job for us. We would recommend him for Property Management from sure. With his knowledge and integrity, I am sure he would also be great as a listing agent OR a selling agent


I contacted Rich on a home to lease recently and he met me at my business and took the time to tell me all about the place even introducing me to one of the owners. He said that from what he knows about my needs that this home was probably not what I needed but knew of another with a big shop. The Eatonville Shop is currently being lived in by the owners kids but should be available by Jan. if not sooner. I also discovered his wife knows one of my customer's wife and that her husband spoke highly of me. Wow, Small Towns, You Gotta Love Em'. Am Looking forward to hearing about this Eatonville home and am confident he will be a valuable source of advice and information. I will post again with Good News! Thank You Rich! Tonna


Rich is the only person I trust to manage my property. As I live on the east coast ant my property is on the west coast it was very importnt to me to have someone I felt I could trust. I interviewed several other property managers prior to Rich. Everyone else made me feel as if I was just a number, Rich made me feel like I was a friend. Since that day he is the only one that will manage my properties. He is very prompt with forwarding my payments monthly, he calls immediately with any issues that arise, any work he has done on the property is done very quickly by qualified professionals. I have NEVER had any reason to question his honesty and integrity.


Rich has been my property manger of two rental homes in Yelm for 4yrs now. He is by far and away the best asset I have. Since day one he has handled all issues that have arisen with quick and efficient professionalism. Dana Cella


I hired Rich to manage my family's property because all of the owners (me and my siblings) live out of the area. Rich immediately found a responsible renter and has promptly informed me of various issues that have come up with the house (minor repairs). He is honest, straight forward, and dependable.


Rich Simmons at Fairway Realty in Yelm, WA. is by far the very, very BEST realtor in the Nisqually Valley. He has been our property manager for nearly 3 years and we have yet to have any problems whatsoever. His attention to detail and the quality of his service is unsurpassed! We are an Army family and have not lived in the state of Washington for several years but we trust him with our property in our absence because the team at Fairway realty has proven themselves time and time again. I am so very confident in my recommendation and strongly encourage you to seek out the services of this full service real estate company.



Rich and Susan are great to work with! Honest and responsive, they got my house rented out, then sold it when it was time. I couldn't be happier! – Jason C.


Rich and Susan are great, we first rented from Rich then we bought a place after having rented a place for 5 or 6 years. I really can't say enough good things about Rich and Susan. They took care of the Rental we were in whenever there was an issue. They also took great care in helping to find us our current home that we bought through them. So, Thank you Rich and Susan for being so patient and understanding. – Brad Roland


I can not possibly say enough good about our experience. Rich and Susan are so patient and absolutely wonderful people to work with. We went back and forth, on the property we ended up renting, for 3 weeks. We did a lot of research to be sure it was a legit listing and the company was legit as well. We moved from Colorado to Washington and it was already super stressful. Rich and his amazing team made it as smooth as it could be. The house was ready for us, they where so accommodating as we arrived very early in the morning and they made sure we had access to the keys and all we needed to access our home. We where able to put down deposits, rent and sign lease before we got here via wire transfer and e signing. They really do all they can to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend Rich,Susan and the Fairway team! You can’t find companies like this anymore, we called many and were met with rudeness or just never returned our calls. Diamond in the rough! Thank you Fairway!! – Cynthia Reid


I had a very pleasant experience. They were helpful, quick to respond to questions, and very fair with all parties. Rich and company truly care about the job they do. I will recommend to anyone looking to rent out or sell your house. – John Meloche


As a homeowner I would recommend them as a property manager if you want your home taken care of. I wish they could handle our homes in other states. They keep up a house, respond to maintenance quickly, they don't let houses deteriorate. They clean the roof on schedule, check the homes for deterioration, handle pest control issues, etc.
As a renter they, again, respond to maintenance quickly. Our move out was pain free. Their lease contract is fair to BOTH parties, home owner and tenant.
We always clean our rentals thoroughly on move outs so a full refund of security deposits, as received of from Fairway, is normal for us.
However, I've had another local prop mgr company try to nickel and dime, overcharge for minor things. Windermere tried to charge us $150 for a smudge on a counter surface and a wipe down on a window track. Even though when we moved in the carpet was not cleaned, there was crayon on walls & doors (which we cleaned), filthy cabinets, fridge was dirty with condiments dried into surfaces, and 1/4 inch deep of grease or drippings layer in bottom of oven(we also cleaned that/fire hazards are bad), etc. We left the place beyond better than move in.
I was surprised by the treatment from Windermere especially since they terminated our lease because the homeowner wanted to sell the house 4 months after we moved in. We were great tenants but Windermere's rental contract has a clause that allows homeowner to break lease without recourse or reason but tenant is expected to keep the lease a year. We were desperate and we were not aware of this clause until signing date. I've never seen that anywhere before or since.
This started out as a well deserved rave review of Fairway ending n the condemnation of Windermere. It's just a huge contrast between these two companies.
Fairway is fair, honest, compassionate, friendly, ethical, and responsive. I highly recommend them.
Windermere is the opposite of all good things.
– Noreen Caren


I worked with Rich Simmons for about 5 years and he was outstanding. He took care of our property when the military had us move. He always kept us abreast of our home and helped us rent it and eventually help us sell it. He was always trustworthy and reliable.

Thanks again Rich for everything!Steven Koszarek


I have been working with Rich for almost 7 years now, he helped my find my home and he helped rent it out when I moved away. Rich is very hands on, so much that he also owns his own construction company (RBS Construction) so he can do his own general contracting. If you are looking for a very personalized experience house hunting or even just looking for a rental then Fairway is the right place to go. – Justin Malone


Living on the east coast with a rental property being sold on the west coast is difficult and worrisome at best. Rich made that worry go away and immediately made me feel like family. My house was never vacant and the tenants he located were always top notch. When it came time to sell the house he happily listed it and sold it right away. I would not recommend or trust anyone else to handle my real estate needs. Rich's team is simply the best in Yelm! – Joe Bosley




We've had some interesting experiences with serval different property management companies while attempting to rent our home out.  Fairway has, by far, been the most amazing experience and team to work with.  Prior to Fairway, we struggled to keep renters in the home and had numerous issues constantly arise with other property management companies.  This has not been the case with Fairway.  We literally just turned the keys over to them and they have maintained everything superbly. We are a military family and have PCS'd several times.  The peace of mind Fairway offers this a breath of fresh air.  If you need a property managed I strongly suggest Rich and his team.  You won't be disappointed. – Jamie C.

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